[Remops] Austria admin, add yamn at lambton.org

Lambton Remop remop at lambton.org
Fri Jul 2 13:12:57 BST 2021

Hello Austria admin,

I am asking yet again for you to add yamn at lambton.org to your Austria YAMN pinger.

The remailer was announced one month ago on this list and in apa-s. I have
also emailed you at every address I could find.

Here is some more info about Lambton remailer.

Host: nonce.lambton.org
Location: UK

I'd also suggest that you add this to you pingd.conf file which should
help you in the future with automating the process of adding new remailers
to your YAMN pinger:

reliable_auto_add_min => 2

Lambton Operator
remop at lambton.org

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