[Remops] Encrypting Remailer filesystem

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Mon May 27 19:26:46 BST 2019

On 5/27/19 9:46 AM, Stefan Claas wrote:
> However, what I like to do, as understood Christian did, is like to 
> encrypt the pool, so that third parties can not see what messages 
> resides in an exit's pool, so that they don't know in advance what 
> destination the messages have, if that makes any sense.

Are you referring to the remailer's pool or the outbound MTA's mail queue?

I would have thought that the former was encrypted.  [1]  But the latter 
can't really be encrypted.  It can live on an encrypted file system, but 
all programs that access it will do so via an unencrypted method.

[1] I'm not sure if Mixmaster / YAMN decrypt messages as they receive 
them or as they are processing them just before sending them outbound. 
What state is a message that is sitting in an exit's pool while it waits 
it's turn to go out?

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