[Remops] Encrypting Remailer filesystem

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Sun May 26 18:35:53 BST 2019

On 5/26/19 10:11 AM, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Stefan,

> I remember that long time ago Christian and Zax said that they have 
> encrypted their Remailer VPS fileysytem.

Do you recall any details about their motivation behind doing so?  Did 
they perceive a threat that prompted them to do so?  Or was it somewhere 
closer to because they can and the general consensus among some of 
encrypt everything that you can?

> Because I can no longer find the a.p.a-s thread I would appreciated 
> if someone can help me out and tell me / us the required steps.

How long ago?  What sort of news server retention are we talking about 

Is this by chance the thread?

Link -

Are you asking about the remailer that lives on a server, or the 
remailer client that lives on an end user system?

I encrypt parts of my VPS.  I ended up creating an encrypted drive & 
file system that I have to log in and unlock before I can mount it.  I 
have multiple directories on it.  Then various other places in the VPS 
file system have sym-links pointing to those directories, i.e.: 
/etc/mail, /home, /etc/dns, etc.  That way my files are encrypted on the 

I did this to make it harder for someone to access them (via what ever 
methods, court order, strong arm, etc.) without a clone of the running 
VPS.  I did this in support of a move where I would no longer be able to 
have my mail server at my house for a while.

Grant. . . .
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