[Remops] Tor smtprelay

SEC3 admin at sec3.net
Thu May 13 15:59:35 BST 2021

On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 11:36:26AM +0200, Gabx wrote:
> Looking at the pinger results
> https://tincture.ws/pinger/yamn/mlist2.html victor has an obvious delay.

Tincture Pinger is new. Only 2 days old. Pingers operate on a 12-day average
to come up with their Latency and Uptime numbers. So victor's numbers will
improve/change over time.

But the number to be concerned about is the Uptime. Victor needs to
eventually increase to 98-100 uptime. Otherwise Yamn software will never
choose it when it builds random chains.

> I believe this is due to victor using an onion v3 smtp relay as SMTPRelay.
> At this point I would think that I am also the only one to have adopted
> this type of configuration.
> I also believe that using an onion smtp as a relay should be standard
> for everyone, in addition to the benefits of the tor network there would
> be a delay in delivering mail (correlation/time attak). Is what I say
> wrong in your opinion?

Thanks for the suggestion. 

> P.S.
> ah by the way. I changed the name from Victor in upper case to victor in
> lower case.

It has not changed. Are you sure you stopped/started Yamn after making the

sudo systemctl stop yamn.service
sudo systemctl start yamn.service


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