[Remops] mixmaster over Tor?

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Wed Dec 26 22:28:39 GMT 2012


I new to mixmaster and I am trying to use the mixmaster network while
connecting to the remailer through the Tor network.

Did anyone ever have successfully used mixmaster through Tor? I haven't
found any references.

 * Since I haven't found any proxy settings for mixmaster, I am using it
behind a Tor transparent proxy. [1] [2] It usually works very well for
torification of almost any application.
 * Version: Mixmaster 3.0 (Debian Wheezy package) [1]

Tests to pin down the problem:
 * The remailer chain is working. I used a web fronted remailer
interface for testing. Just a chain of one remailer.
 * The mail provider accepts mails from the remailer.

Trying to use the same remailer using a locally installed mixmaster
through the ncurses interface doesn't work. There is a mail in the queue
and I send the queue. Stats are also updated.

Also using the command line interface didn't work:
echo "test" | mixmaster --verbose --to=invalid at changed.com
--subject="test subject" --copies=1 --chain=cripto
Chain: cripto
~ $ echo $?

For both methods there are no error messages, but mails never arrive.

Can more verbosity be enabled? Any ideas why it's not working?


[1] http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/mixmaster
[2] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TransparentProxy
[3] https://sourceforge.net/p/whonix/wiki/Home/

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