[Remops] Reliable - Error Messages

Thrasher_Admin thrasher_admin at reece.net.au
Tue May 31 00:36:59 BST 2005

Greetings from Western Australia,

  Reliable has just thrown me two error messages that I cannot find
  any information on.

  1. WARNING Message sent to Trash folder
     ERROR Mixmaster decryption failure
     Problem! Packet number collision! (C:\Reliable\Mail\Trash\O0QBQJI6.ML0)

  Initially there were 23 messages that produced this message. A
  re-queue resulted in only 9 of the messages not going through and no
  matter how often I re-queue them, they keep being returned to the
  trash folder.
  There seems to be no relationship between the messages. ie different
  source, different destination, etc.

     Moved to C:\Reliable\Mail\NNTP\Errors\RTY1RAT4.Q*

  I have had this one before, but I can't remember what the cause was.
  This time, however, when I look in NNTP\Errors, it's empty.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

   mailto:thrasher_admin at reece.net.au
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